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100 Percent Elites Credit Solutions is rapidly growing as a leading Credit Score Improvement Company in Houston, TX.  Our ethics, fair and reasonable pricing and commitment to our clients is what sets us apart from our competition.

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About Us

100 Percent Elites Credit Solutions is a company whose ultimate goal is to help our clients, restore their credit, improve their finances, eliminate debt, and overall, live a positive healthy financial life. We are built with integrity and have passion to take care of all our clients. We are here to break the cycle of generational poverty by taking control of our clients’ future to become financially free and creditworthy!

100 Percent Elites Credit Solutions IS the simplest solutions to your credit needs!

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We Repair Your Past

We work with the credit bureaus and your creditors to challenge the negative report items that affect your credit score. We will ensure your credit history is up-to-date, accurate, and reflects you honestly.

We Monitor Your Present

24/7 monitoring system that allows you to monitor your progress throughout the whole process. Our staff is here to provide professional guidance, assistance through the process.

We Build Your Credit

Along with our professional staff, we have a pipeline of professionals that can assist you when your credit is restored. We can direct you to the right professionals.

You Control Your Future

Our clients have seen major improvements with their credit reports in as little as 30-45 days. Take control of your credit.
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We have been successful at removing:

  • Judgements
  • Identity Theft
  • Unauthorized Inquiries
  • Charge Offs
  • Inaccurate Personal Information
  • Late Payments
  • Student Loans
  • Bankruptcy
  • Child Support
  • Fraud
  • Medical Bills
  • Collections
  • Foreclosures
  • Tax Liens
  • Credit Errors
  • And More...

Our Mission

100 Percent Elites Credit Solutions mission is to influence our clients credit profile with a chance to qualify to purchase a home, car, loans, and credit cards at low rates. Here at 100 Percent Elites Credit Solutions, we also provide the necessary education to eliminate debt, build and maintain positive credit, and generate wealth.

Your credit history is an indication of how you’ve managed debt in the past, so we teach you the tools to maintain healthy credit for the future!

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How Does it Work?

Our customers love the comfort that comes with our program and our dedicated support makes your experience hassle-free.

Our proven system follows a simple process to improve your credit and make the lifestyle you desired more attainable

Order your FREE Credit Reports

Once you meet with our credit specialist, we instantly pull your credit report. Our friendly credit specialist will help you identify any inaccurate items that are affecting your credit report and scores.

Schedule Your 1-on-1 Consultation

Let’s connect. We want to ensure that we’re a great fit for your journey. Based on your information with an in-depth look at your credit report by our Credit Auditors, we develop a personalized strategy for you.

We Take Action

We will prepare customize dispute letters on your behalf for all 3 Bureaus. Within 30-45 days the bureaus will respond to you directly with your results.

Our Pricing

We have the resources and the experience to do the job more efficiently. By employing our services, you save time and avoid the headaches of dealing with credit bureaus.

Diamond Digital Package:
Do It Yourself Kit 


[One Time Fee]

3 Bureau Credit Audit / Analysis
Identity Dispute Letter
Credit Inquiry Dispute Letter
5 Rounds of Credit Dispute Letters
Debt Validation Letter
Medical Collections Dispute Letter
Goodwill Letter
4 Pay for Delete Letters
DIY Credit Repair Instructions
eBook Credit Tips
30 Min 1 on 1 Consultation

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Ruby Package (single)


[$150 Couples / Monthly]
Enrollment/Audit Fee
Singles $150; Couples $250 
3 Bureau Credit Audit / Analysis
Credit Education
Credit Building
Invite to Private FB Group
24/7 Client Portal Access
Unlimited Disputes
Monthly Accountability Calls
Customer Service Support
Monthly Updates
eBook Credit Tips
Cancel Anytime
Money-Back Guarantee if No Deletions in 180 days*

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Sapphire Package (single)


[$350 Couples / Monthly]
Enrollment/Audit Fee
Singles $150; Couples $250

3 Bureau Credit Audit / Analysis
Credit Education
Credit Building
Debt Elimination Audit Report
Monthly Debt Elimination Consultations
Invite to Private FB Group
24/7 Client Portal Access
Unlimited Disputes
Monthly Accountability Calls
Customer Service Support
Monthly Updates
eBook Credit Tips
Cancel Anytime
Money-Back Guarantee if No Deletions in 180 days*

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Our Money Back Guarantee?

100 Percent Elites Credit Solutions provides a money back guarantee to clients who have purchased the Sapphire and Ruby Credit Service Packages for 180 days. The refund will be provided to clients that 100 Percent Elites Credit Solutions were not able to repair/remove ANYTHING from their credit report. The money back guarantee goes as follows:

A client will receive a full refund. (minus the document enrollment/audit fee) under the following circumstances:

1. If 100 Percent Elites Credit Solutions do not remove anything from the client’s credit report after obtaining our services for 180 days.
3. Clients have not used a credit-consulting agency or attempted to repair their credit at least one year before signing up for our services.
4. Clients have had no new collections, charge offs, or missed payments during the time frame 100 Percent Elites Credit Solutions are assisting them.
5. Clients have maintained the recommended credit monitoring services during the time frame 100 Percent Elites Credit Solutions worked on a clients credit report.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does billing work?

An enrollment/audit fee will be charged after signing up for our service prior to running your initial audit report. The monthly fee begins 30 days after. At cancelation, you will be charged a final payment since billing occurs after services have been performed

How can I stop services?

Simply email us at [email protected] before the next billing cycle begins. Monthly services fees will only occur while we actively work on your credit report. The moment services are complete, the payment fees will automatically be closed out.

What are the rules to use your services?

The rules are as follows: KEEP credit monitoring active throughout the entire process, build positive credit using only the recommended tradelines, keep credit card balances low, pay all bills on time, and send us all collection and credit bureau responses promptly.

How long does it take to receive a response from the Credit Bureaus?

Once you submit a dispute, the creditor has a duty to investigate your claim, according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In most cases, the creditor is expected to respond to your claim within 30 to 45 days and to inform you of the results of its investigation within five business days.

How long does the process take to repair my credit?

Time will vary based on how many inquiries and derogatory items are listed on your credit report. It also depends on how long it will take to build positive credit. If disputes responses are favorable, it can take two months or more before the item is removed from your report. I would say to plan between 6-12 months to see positive change with your overall credit score.

Credit Monitoring (MyFreeScoreNow)

100 Percent Elites Credit Solutions have partnered with MyFreeScore for all of your credit monitoring needs.

Sign up and create an account with MyFreeScoreNow. Get your 3 Credit Reports and Scores Immediately! $1.00 for 7-day free trial, then $29.95/mo. This will include the following:

  • Today’s credit Scores & Credit Reports from all 3 Bureaus delivered in seconds!
  • A personalized report of factors affecting your credit score
  • Click option to communicate with and resolve issues directly with your creditors
  • Instant access to who is looking at your credit
  • Unlimited daily updates of your TransUnion score and report
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We believe that everyone deserves a second chance when it comes to their credit. We strive to help our clients achieve the best credit score possible.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 855-818-9337

2162 Spring Stuebner Rd
Spring, TX 77389


Fair Credit Acts

100 Percent Elites Credit Solutions utilizes consumer protection laws such as (FACTA) Fair Credit Transaction Act, (FCRA) Fair Credit Reporting Act, and (FCBA) Fair Credit Billing Act that gives you legal rights to dispute any information on your Credit Report. The credit bureaus and furnishers have up to 30 days to investigate, and either verify the information or remove the disputed information.